words written and unwritten

The Poet at the Breakfast Table
source text by Oliver Wendell Holmes
erasures & photographs by Kevin Reid
added text by George Szirtes & Jo Bell
drawings by Bobby Parker, Dave Kirkwood & Kevin Reid

I’ve always said that silence and white paper get the best lines. >erasure adopts the concept of artful occlusion used by Tom Phillips in ‘A Humument’. But it takes it two stages further – Reid’s etiolate, moving extractions from OWH’s original are further transformed by George Szirtes and Jo Bell into wonderfully terse revelations and complemented by consistently stunning artwork. I can’t wait for the book.   John Glenday  Poet

>erasure is a gorgeous collaboration of ghostly subtractions, added text and visuals. Each richly textured set of pages not only contains its own complex conversation, but it also provides multiple stimulation points that spark the imagination in the reader. Melissa Diem  Poet, writer and visual artist. Currently focusing on poetry films

>erasure caught and sustained my attention through the poets’use of social-media sites, specifically in Kevin and George Szirtes’ use of Twitter. I’d like to see the project get legs and be published. I was especially fond of Dave Kirkwood’s drawings and delighted when Jo Bell cotributed. I hope an enterprising publishing company will pick up on the project. C. Murray Poet

The oxymoronic fusion of mutant destructive creation! …The ultimate ‘less is more!’ Peadar O’Donaghue Poet and editor of The Poetry Bus